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5 Tips To Find the Right Optical Frames for You

Studies show slight changes in eye vessels can lead to memory loss when you reach 60. So, regular eye checks and finding the right optical frames are essential for your overall health.

But, if you’ve ever walked into an optician, there are hundreds of options available, which means you need to prioritize comfort and the style of frames when picking your final choice. 

To help you find the best optical glasses, this guide will give you the ultimate tips for narrowing down your search for glasses. That way, you can have a pair of optical frames that look fantastic and fit comfortably. 

5 Tips for Finding the Best Optical Frames

Firstly, you can pick optical frames without knowing the shape of your face. This helps you identify which style and design will look best and ensure you don’t look at options that don’t suit you. 

1. Learn About Your Face Shape

Most people don’t think about the shape of their face until they go to the optician. So, learning about the various shapes and examining your features is essential before picking your next glasses. 

The main elements to look at are the bridge of your nose, the size of your eyes, and your jawline. But if you want to get some extra details to help you pinpoint your style, here are the best questions to ask yourself: 

  • Is your face long or round?
  • Are your eyes wide or narrow?
  • What is the width of your nose?
  • Do you want to highlight any facial features?

Above all else, the shape of your face will determine how the glasses look on your face. For example, round faces look better with angular frames. Whereas defined cheekbones look great with round frames. 

Thankfully, most opticians allow you to try on different styles so you can compare and contrast several designs. That way, you can see if you like the glasses before making a purchase. 

Nowadays, there are even features online to help you measure the width of your nose and eyes, so you don’t even have to go to the shop. 

2. Think About Skin Tone

Everyone has a unique skin tone, so you need optical frames complementing your complexion. Generally, skin tones fall into two categories such as cool or warm tones. 

You can ask an optician to help you with deciding which is your skin tone so your glasses can complement your undertones. For instance, warm tones look great with brown, gold, and olive green frames. 

But cool skin tones go well with black, silver, or dark blue. 

Therefore, when you know your skin tone, you can start browsing various frame colors until you find the perfect match! 

3. Express Yourself

People must wear glasses daily for everything from reading to driving, so you want to love your frames. But you don’t want to wear glasses that don’t express your personality. 

If everyone is going to see them all the time, you should pick a style that showcases your individual personality. You can find glasses with patterns, flowers, or block colors, so there’s something for everyone!

Plus, getting new glasses is an excellent opportunity to mix up your style and portray a new style to the world.

So, if you want to change your style and become more sophisticated, then a sleek, black frame is a great choice. Although, it’s good to have a collection of frames for every occasion.

You can have a pair for work, nights out with friends, and special events. Therefore, you can pick a frame that suits your outfit and mood. And you can have various colors to experiment with when you feel like it! 

4. Consider Your Lifestyle Needs

Another critical factor to consider when picking glasses is your lifestyle. You want secure frames on your face if you lead an active lifestyle when constantly moving or working with heavy machinery. 

However, if you work in an office in town, you might want to prioritize style and class. But it’s also essential to consider working on a computer all the time and if you want a layer of UV protection from the sun. 

Ideally, you want to strike the middle ground between flexibility and comfort so you can get through daily activities without worrying about your glasses falling off. 

5. Prioritize Comfort

Ultimately, comfort is essential when picking a new pair of glasses. Even if you find the most fantastic pair of designer glasses that look incredible, they might not be comfortable. 

And you don’t want to waste money on a pair of frames you can’t wear more than once. 

The weight of the frames is also vital as you don’t want glasses that are too heavy on your face. Depending on your hair, you should also think about if your hair will interfere with your glasses. 

This is particularly important if you drive frequently and want to prevent hair from distracting you from the road. Following these tips will ensure you have the right frames for every occasion. 

But you must buy your glasses from a high-quality seller if you want them to last. Not only are the frames important, but having a professional eye test will ensure that your prescription is accurate and made for you.

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Buy Optical Frames Made for You

Optical frames are not something you want to save on; you want to invest in sturdy and comfortable glasses that will last for years. Otherwise, you could end up with broken glasses during work or on holiday. 

Therefore, we recommend you buy a few pairs of glasses to protect you against any damages or inconveniences that prevent you from wearing your frames. 

And if you want to book an appointment for an eye test, reach out to our team to organize a consultation. 

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