Vision Central : Selecting A Frame

One of the most important things when considering eyeglasses is the shape and type of frames that you need. Your eyeglasses make a statement about your personality. They reflect your inner soul. Today you have a variety of materials and shapes to choose from to fit your exact style. Some of today’s more popular materials are:


If you want the colors of the rainbow, then plastic is your material. Plastic is a very cost-effective and creative option for eyewear and is extremely lightweight. Particularly popular right now are laminated plastic frames that have layered colors. Also popular right now are plastic frames with dark vibrant colors. Black is a color always is style which usually blends in with any situation.

Plastic frames do have some shortcomings. They are easier to break than metal frames, and aging and exposure to sunlight slightly decrease their strength but do not affect color. Some of the many popular brands that manufacture plastic frames are VersaceGucciGiorgio Armani and Dolce and Gabbana.


Since the beginning of the era of eyeglass frames metals have been a primary choice for wearers. A choice of different shapes is available in metal frames, some of the popular shapes are square, aviators, oval, round and rectangle. Metals come in different materials such as Monel, Titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum.


Is a mixture of different metals, which is widely used in the manufacture of eyeglass frames. It is malleable and corrosion resistant especially if the right kind of coating such as palladium or even nickel-free options are used. Some popular brands include Brooks Brothers, Vogue, Versus and Calvin Klein.


Titanium is the silver-gray metal, which is very lightweight and durable, strong and corrosion resistant. It is widely used in the medical industry because of its strength and superior qualities.  It is produced in a variety of colors to give a crisp clean modern look. Not all titanium frames are 100% titanium. Some are made with an alloy of materials, which includes titanium such as nickel and copper. Some popular brands include Calvin Klein, London Fog, Luxottica, Emporio Armani, and Christian Dior.


Qualities of stainless steel frames include lightweight, protection against corrosion, and strength. Most stainless steel frames are nickel-free thus hypoallergenic. Stainless steel is readily available and reasonably priced. It’s an alloy of steel and chromium. It also provides as an excellent source of protection against abrasion and heat. Some popular brands include Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein.


Aluminum frames are usually very light in weight and they are good resistors to corrosion. It is usually used by high end manufacturers because of its distinctive look. Usually aluminum is soft and weak but when joined with other materials becomes and strong and durable.


Flexon is a titanium based alloy material. It was introduced to the eyewear industry by the Marchon group, it is also known as memory metal. The uniqueness of this material is that no matter however you bend this material it always comes back to its original form. Even if you try to twist it or crush it, the strength of the material brings it back to its original form. They are light weight corrosion free and hypo-allergenic. It was started especially for kids but later started adult’s frames and also added the Nike collection for a sportier look. You can visit for more details.


Semi Rimless frames are a great fashion statement. With its unique style it appeals to both males and females. Half Rimless frames are usually a metal or a plastic part on the top with a nylon string that holds the lens from the bottom. It is preferred to use polycarbonate lenses while using this particular type of frame. For some prescriptions plastic is a better choice. Ask you eye care professional for a better advice. Some of the popular brands in Semi (Half) Rimless designs are Dolce and Gabbana, VersaceRay-Ban, and Jai Kudo.


A trend that was popular during the time of the Beatles is the hottest trend is eye wear today. When you talk about rimless eyewear you talk about class, sophistication, style and charisma. It gives a look no other eyewear can. In rimless glasses mostly the glasses are held on by screws or a latest trend by pressure mounted bushings. Since the lenses have to be drilled through only Polycarbonate material is used on these frames. Any other lens type will crack. Ideal for these frames is also Anti-Reflective Coating, when combined together the glasses almost disappear. All you can see are the two temples and the bridge. Most people appreciate the light weight and comfort along with the classy look. Some of the popular brands are United, Dolce and Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Silhouette.