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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kids Eye Doctor

Did you know your child’s first eye exam should take place at six months old? Yes, that’s correct. After this eye exam, your child should then have one at three years old, five years old, and then once a year while they’re in school.

Eye exams are a crucial part of your child’s health and success. Unfortunately, some children will have trouble learning whether it be at home during their preschool years or at school due to bad vision. Not all children know to tell an adult about this problem either.

Regularly visiting a kids eye doctor will protect your child from possible further eye trouble and can help correct any current problems. 

How will you know how to choose the right children’s eye doctor in Houston? Continue reading below for several factors to consider when making a selection. 

1. Their Experience With Children

It’s one thing to choose a doctor for yourself, but it’s a whole other thing to find the best one for your child. When narrowing down your choices to the top three or five, do consider their experience with children. It’s best to find an optometrist who’s worked with children and understands how to make your child feel safe and comfortable during their eye exam.

You can discover this information by visiting the eye doctor’s website and searching for any information about scheduling an appointment for a child or purchasing glasses for a child. You can also call some optometrists in your area and ask them over the phone about their experience working with children. 

2. Their General Reputation 

Their overall reputation is another important factor to consider. How much experience do they have working as an optometrist? How many years have they been in business in the Houston area?

The American Optometric Association is a great starting place to learn more about pediatric optometrists in your area. When visiting the website, you’ll find a directory where you can search for different eye doctors. You should then be able to gather information about their credentials and professional experience. 

3. Reviews, References, and Referrals  

When deciding if an eye doctor can provide the type of service you need for your child, there are a few things to look at. For example, be sure to look for online reviews about the doctor. You can find reviews on many doctor’s websites or online through review sites. 

Another great place to find reviews is on social media pages. You can then contact some prospects and ask them to send you some references. Do take the time to call each reference and ask about their own personal experience bringing their child to that optometrist. 

References and reviews are a wonderful way to learn more about a doctor but don’t forget to consider asking for a referral either. Your child’s pediatrician might know a wonderful optometrist and can give you a referral. Friends and family members might also be able to refer you to great eye doctors in Houston if you inquire. 

4.  Their Credentials and Qualifications

To become an optometrist, there are admission tests, degrees, residencies, licenses, certifications, and continuing education credits that must be taken seriously. Although passing the admission test for an optometry school and earning a degree is a common step for many optometrists, completing a residency, gaining extra certifications, and completing continuing education credits are all extra steps an optometrist can make.

Before selecting an optometrist for your child, look into the doctor’s credentials and qualifications. Have them show you proof for any credentials they may have. This will give you peace of mind knowing your child is in safe hands. 

5. Insurance and Payment Options

Basing the decision on who’s in your insurance’s network may not be your starting point when searching for a children’s eye doctor, but it’s something you’ll need to consider. You can contact your insurance company and ask for a list of children’s eye doctors in your area that are covered with your insurance.

Another factor to take into consideration is the type of payment options available to you. If your insurance provider doesn’t cover your child’s eye doctor, are there other ways to make reasonable payments? Does the doctor accept all major credit cards, care credit, or flexible spending accounts? 

Having these questions answered before bringing your child in will reduce stress.

6. The Services They Provide

What type of eye services does your child require? Can the optometrist provide your child with this kind of help? 

For example, will they conduct regular eye exams? Do they offer contacts and vision therapy? Can they help correct your child’s computer vision?

If your child plays a sport, you’ll want to find an eye doctor who can offer sports vision services. Make sure to learn your child’s eye needs and then find a doctor who can offer the services needed to correct any present issues.

7. In-Person Visits With Your Child

One of the last things to consider is taking your child to the eye doctor for an in-person visit. Why is this so important?

When you and your child are able to meet the optometrist in person, you can get a feel for the customer service. You can also evaluate how the doctor and your child interact with one another. Do they seem interested in helping your child and making them feel comfortable?

This is also a good time for your child to meet the eye doctor and begin building a relationship with them. 

Have You Found the Best Kids Eye Doctor in Town?

After reading through these factors, are you now able to narrow down your search for the best kids eye doctor in Houston? Improving children’s vision is essential for their growth not only in school but with their overall health. It’s only right to find the best eye doctor in Houston for them. 

When you schedule an appointment for your child at EZ Opticals, your child will receive eye care from professionals who have your child’s best interest in mind. Don’t delay your child’s eye and vision health any longer. 

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