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Add to Cart? What You Need to Know Before Buying Online Eyeglasses

Do you need new glasses? Are you hesitant about the prospect of going into a store to get a new pair?

Many people get their eyes checked and their glasses changed once every year. Yet, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer people want to take the risk of going into an optometrist’s office or standing in a shop and trying on glasses, driving the popularity of buying online.

But if you usually try on your glasses before you purchase them, there are things you should know about purchasing online eyeglasses. Let’s get into everything below.

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1. Know Your Prescription and Measurements

Before you buy your own online eyeglasses, you should know your prescription and measurements used by your doctor to tailor your glasses to your face.

If you don’t have your glasses prescription on hand, you should contact your eye care professional. It’s important not to guess your prescription or use the information associated with your contact lenses. Contact prescriptions are different from glasses prescriptions, so you won’t be able to substitute one for the other.

How do you find your measurements? Look on the inner portions of the arms of your glasses–the parts that go over your ears. You should see a series of three numbers, separated by dashes or spaces. For instance, if your glasses have “51 16 135” written on them, then those are your measurements.

Make sure you enter those into any relevant fields on your order form for the perfect fit. If you can’t find any areas on the order form for your measurements, contact the company and ask them how you should indicate your measurements.

2. Finding Online Glasses That Fit Your Face

But how do you find a pair of the best online glasses that look good once they’re on?

Start with your face shape. Most people have faces that fit into one of several different categories: round, heart, oval, and square. 

How do you tell which one you have? Look first for the widest part of your face. If it’s the area around your eyes you likely have an oval face. Wider cheekbones indicate a round face, and wider jaws point to a square shape.

If your chin is the most pointy part of your face, you likely have a heart-shaped face.

You should also look at length. Shorter faces usually belong to round faces, unless they have a pointy chin, in which case the shape would be a heart. Longer faces are more likely to be ovals. 

Why Face Shapes Matter

Why does face shape matter? 

Put frankly, some glasses look better on certain types of faces than they do on others. We’ll break down the perfect pair of glasses for each face shape below.


When you have an oval face shape, you have the greatest variety of possible glasses choices. Because the widest part of your face is usually the area around your eyes, you should find glasses whose lenses cover this entire space. When you have wider glasses, it helps your face appear its most symmetrically balanced.

You can play around with shapes if you want to. consider getting wider oval-shaped glasses or square lenses. This lets you play around with your sense of style while giving you eyeglasses that look great.


Since people with square faces usually have angular features, they should consider rounder frames.

These glasses have softer edges, complementing your sharper face shape well. For the best look, your frames should be just slightly wider around the edges. 

Other than that, as long as the main part of your lenses is round, you should have a good-looking pair!


If you have a particularly pointy chin, you should consider frames that either have bottom-heavy features or oval-shaped frames.

This maintains symmetry; the bottom-heavy frames complement your chin. The oval-shaped ones, on the other hand, draw attention up to your eyes.


People with round faces often don’t have super angular features. Rather, their faces have smooth, proportional lines. 

To look their best in glasses, then, they should select frames that feature sharper angles. Rectangular frames work well on this face shape, as do other geometric shapes. You should ensure the bottom of the glasses hits just above your cheekbones.

What About Colors?

But which colors will look best on you?

When it comes to choosing your frame colors, you should take skin tone into consideration. Skin tones come in a variety of shades, but they usually fall into either a color with warm or cooler undertones. Warmer tones are usually peachy or golden, while cooler tones are bluer.

People with pale skin that has warmer undertones should buy warm-hued frames, such as brown, golden, or a pop of purple or red. Pale-skinned people with cooler undertones should try pinks or blues, gem-colored frames, or a neutral beige.

People who have medium skin with warm undertones pair well with browns, golds, and greens. Grays and blacks also will look good on you. If you have medium skin but cooler undertones, you should select jewel-tones or a strong black or gray.

For people with darker skin who have warm undertones, browns and golds work well. Tortoiseshell hues also look good. If you have dark skin with cool undertones, try a purple frame, a teal, or a green with a blue undertone.

Ready to Buy Online Eyeglasses?

Now that you’ve read the advice above, you’re ready to successfully buy online eyeglasses.

In order to purchase eyeglasses online, you need to know your prescription and measurements. You should also know your face shape and pay attention to your skin tone. When you put all of these elements together, you stand a better chance of loving the eyeglasses you purchased online.

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