do blue light glasses work

Do Blue Light Glasses Work: Your Guide to Computer Glasses

The sales of blue light glasses doubled during the Coronavirus pandemic.

With thousands, even millions, of people suddenly staring at their screens day in and day out, people knew they needed to take precautions to protect their eyesight.

But now we’re here, a year later, still staring at screens. We’re not seeing any new research around the subject. And we’re asking ourselves: do blue light glasses work?

That’s the million-dollar question.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about blue light glasses!

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is the type of light that comes from computer screens, phone screens, TVs, and any other electronic devices. It is the harshest light that we can expose our eyes to.

This type of light can be harmful to human health. Blue light may cause digital eye strain, sleep disruption, and more harmful degenerative eye diseases.

Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. There is not enough research that has been conducted to provide a definitive answer to the effect of computer glasses.

However, they do not harm you. With that being said, it is never a bad idea to be too careful and wear blue light glasses. If you’re looking to get the best blue light glasses, getting the proper computer vision treatment is a must.

What Do Blue Light Glasses Protect Me From?

There are multiple arguments as to why blue light glasses can help your health and your eyes. One of the biggest reasons people are proponents of wearing blue light glasses is about overall health and sleep patterns, not just eyesight and eye strain.

Get Better Sleep

One of the worst things that blue light causes is a disruption in the circadian rhythm.

When people stare at their phones or TV screens right before bed, the human body becomes confused.

Exposure to light suppresses melatonin, which is what people need to keep their circadian rhythm in sync. Even the smallest lights, such as night lights and table lamps, can interfere with melatonin secretion. Blue light is even harsher on the circadian rhythm. 

If it’s not enough to say that you can lose sleep if you expose your eyes to blue light or any light before bed, losing sleep has its own subset of problems. Depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular health are just three health issues a lack of sleep can cause.

The most researched part of blue light glasses that has had a clear conclusion is the ability of blue light glasses to increase sleep by keeping your melatonin secretion level. Wearing computer glasses before bed can be extremely helpful to keep your sleep schedule in sync!

It is recommended that you do not look at blue light on phones or computers for two to three hours before bed. If you do, make sure to wear your blue light glasses.

Less Eye Strain

Although there is not conclusive scientific research to claim that blue light blocking glasses reduce eye strain, some people claim that the glasses reduce the strain.

If you look at a screen all day, blue light glasses will not get rid of the eye strain altogether. They may reduce the symptoms of eye strain to an extent, which can be helpful to many people who are on screens for prolonged periods of time.

If you find yourself suffering from eye strain, which can cause headaches, it may be worth exploring blue light glasses for yourself. Whether they reduce the strain or not, they do not harm the eyes at all. 

It doesn’t hurt to try!

What Other Ways Can I Prevent Eye Strain from Blue Light?

If you want to take every precaution out there, you can do much more than simply ordering a pair of blue light glasses and calling it a day. With our digital world, knowing tips to prevent eye strain is crucial.

If you are noticing consistent headaches, dry eyes, or blurry eyes during the day, you are most likely dealing with eyestrain. You don’t have to keep dealing with it, though.

In addition to blue light glasses, follow these tips below to reduce the burden of screens on your eyes:

  • Sit an arm’s length away from your computer screen
  • Use artificial tears or eye drops when your eyes feel dry
  • Look away from your computer screen a few times an hour 
  • Reduce the lighting of the screen
  • Ensure contrast of screen lighting and room lighting
  • Switch between eye glasses and contacts to prevent eye strain

There are multiple ways to reduce the eyestrain that staring at a screen can cause. It is important to follow these tips in addition to wearing blue light glasses to get the maximum preventative effect.

Should I Get Blue Light Glasses?

So do blue light glasses work? The simple answer: No one is sure of all the effects, but there is no harm in wearing blue light glasses!

If anything should convince you to wear blue light glasses, it should be the idea of getting better sleep and having a better mood every day.

Although the research is not extensive, there could be possible breakthroughs in the future about preventing eye diseases. You would probably want to be fist-bumping your future eye doctor that past you took precautions to prevent this.

If you think you would rather be safe than sorry, contact us about getting proper blue light glasses today!