How to Find the Right Pair of Children Prescription Glasses

“Mom, it’s hard to read because the words look funny.”

“I keep getting headaches when I read too much.”

“Can I take a break until it’s not fuzzy anymore?”

“I can’t see the basket like I used to and I keep missing my jump shots!”

These are all ways your child may tell you it’s time to see the eye Dr. School nurses and pediatricians often screen vision. This, however, may not be enough. Studies have shown that up to 75 percent of school vision screenings miss eye problems in children.

After that visit to your eye care professional, your child may need prescription glasses. Choosing frames for your child can seem daunting and overwhelming. Keep reading to find what to look for when selecting children prescription glasses!

Accentuate the Positive

Your child will follow your lead. If you approach your search for the perfect frames as a fun adventure, you’re much more likely to have cooperation. You could begin your journey with something fun like a new book about getting glasses for children.

Explain to your child their glasses are a tool to help them succeed. Remind them some heroes wear capes and glasses! Positivity and encouragement are important when choosing prescription glasses for children.

They’ve Got the Look

When selecting glasses frames for children, you want to consider how they will look. Appearance isn’t everything, but how your child looks in their glasses will be the first thing people see. To set your kiddo up for success, select frames that enhance their look.

Here are some important things to consider when deciding how to choose glasses for children.

Personal Preference

Ask your child for their input. Since they will be the ones wearing these prescription glasses for children, they should have a say in the process.

That being said, you know your child best! If Sally is obsessed with a certain character but the frames aren’t good quality, you may not want to open up that can of worms!

Scale the choices down to a few categories. Find pictures of famous people, friends, or family members with glasses. Ask your child which ones they like the best.

Having a controlled number of options will help you both feel less overwhelmed. Visiting your eye care professional’s website before you shop is also a good idea. This will eliminate the danger of the open-ended (and sometimes dangerous) question, “What do you want?”.


What’s your child’s face shape? Thankfully, there’s a frame for every face shape. You just have to find it!

If your child’s face is round, consider rectangular shaped frames. Sharper angles will complement the contour of a rounder face by contrast.

Selecting rounder glasses frames for children with square-shaped faces has a similar effect. Rounder frames will bring attention to a lovely round face by providing contrast.

For children when heart-shaped faces, try glasses with more interest towards the bottom of the frame. This creates a nice balanced effect between face and frame.

Tall glasses frames for children with oval-shaped faces work much better than wider frames as well.


Wireframes or plastic? Thin or thick? Nosepieces or no? These are just a few questions you’ll need to answer when choosing glasses frames for children.

To find the best children prescription glasses for your kiddo, consider a few things.

  • Is your child really active? If so, they need frames that will stand up to a lot of action. Thicker, more durable frames will be a better bet for an active lifestyle.
  • Does your child have a calm demeanor/lifestyle? If the answer is yes, their glasses could be a little more delicate in nature and suit their needs just fine.
  • How much screentime does your child have each day? If it’s any at all, consider asking about blue light blocking lenses along with the frames.
  • When will your child need to wear glasses? If they’re only using them for reading and screentime, sturdiness may not be as big of an issue.
  • Will they be removed a lot? If children prescription glasses are off and on a lot during the day, a flexible material should be considered.


It’s not just vanity, we all know some brands are just made better than others. Fortunately, many of your child’s favorite shoes, clothing, and sportswear lines also make prescription glasses frames for children!

Sketchers glasses, for example, get great reviews. Parents report their kids are happy with the style and comfort of Sketchers prescription glasses for children.

Converse prescription frames for children are a solid option as well. They are the perfect size for the average child’s face. Your child can feel stylish donning a pair of converse glasses for children along with some sweet Chuck Taylors!

Ray-bans are always a solid option. Since 1937, Ray-ban eyewear has been committed to quality and comfort. Your children can enjoy the high quality of this brand with their prescription glasses for children.

Back It Up

Perhaps you’ve already heard the directions, on your face or in the case. Since kids (and many adults) don’t always follow this advice, backup glasses for children are a must!

Whether it’s an accidental crunch on the ground or the puppy’s newest prize, life happens!

Many parents find it easier to keep a pair and school and a pair at home. This reduces the risk of loss or damage in transit.

Children Prescription Glasses for Everyone

Kids are unique individuals. It’s no wonder you want to find the prescription glasses for children that best fit them. By framing the browsing process in a positive light, you increase their excitement and cooperation!

If you’re in the market for children prescription glasses, we can help you out! Our professionals at EZ Optical have been helping families find the right fit since 1993.

Let us partner with you to help you find those perfect prescription glasses for your children. Give us a call at (281) 568-1171, make an appointment online, or check out our selection at 11690 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77031. We look forward to seeing you soon!