Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses: Which Iconic Style is Right for You?

Did you know that Ray-Ban is a company that’s been around for almost 100 years? This company first opened its doors in 1937 and has been making iconic sunglasses ever since. 

Now, there are tons of different Ray-Ban styles out there. That makes it tough to choose a pair that you love!

To help you out, we’ve put together a guide on Ray-Ban styles. Let’s take a look at everything from aviator sunglasses, to square-rimmed beauties!

Classic Styles

First up are the classic styles. Let’s take a look at a few classic Ray-Ban sunglasses for you to look into. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Classic

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is the most iconic of Ray-Ban’s sunglasses line and was originally launched back in 1952. The glasses feature a trapezoidal frame that’s inspired by Cadillac tail fins and Eames chairs. 

The glasses became popular pretty much as soon as they launched. Today, they continue to be a fan favorite. 

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

Another delightful Ray-Ban you can invest in is the Ray-Ban Clubmaster. This classic style has a vintage aesthetic with a browline style that was popular back in the 1950s.

the glasses have wire-rimmed lenses, making them look studious. They’re a more conspicuous pair of sunglasses although they’re just as popular as the Wayfarers.

Ray-Ban Aviators

The Ray-Ban Aviators are a pair that will have you looking incredibly fresh. These glasses were designed back in 1937 with the intention of protecting U.S pilots while flying. 

The aviators became popular in Hollywood, too, however, and many politicians and movie stars enjoy rocking these frames. The glasses feature G-15 lenses and a green color that makes them clear and comfortable for pilots.  

Square-Style Ray Ban Sunglasses

If you’re wanting a Ray-Ban style that’s more unique, you might want to look into square-style sunglasses. Here are a couple of Ray-Bans you can check out.

Ray-Ban Nomad

Ray-Ban is a brand that never stops inventing, and that can easily be seen in its Nomad sunglasses. These sunglasses come from the 1970s archive and offer a simple look with extra-thick temples 

Ray-Ban State Street

The State Street are sunglasses that are a twist on the classic Wayfarer. They have sharp angles and an exaggerated silhouette that make the sunglasses really stand out.

Ray-Ban Frank Legend

If you love John Lennon’s look but don’t want to go the whole nine yards, you might want to look into purchasing a Frank Legend pair of sunglasses. These glasses have slightly rounded but squarer lenses that work well on oval face shapes.

Rectangle Styles

Ray-Ban has some rectangle styles that can be pretty unique as well. Let’s take a look at a few of their rectangular styles. 

Ray-Ban Caribbean

The Caribbean sunglasses launched back in the 1960s and are reminiscent of jet-setting style. They’re fantastic for anyone who wants a summertime look in a rectangle style.

The Ray-Ban Caribbeans and the Wayfarers have similar looks but differ in the fact that they have a slimmer D-shape. The shape is almost reminiscent of a cat-eye lense, making them a more feminine pair.

Ray-Ban Inverness

The Ray-Ban Inverness is inspired by a Scottish down and debuted in Scotland back in the 70s. You’ll find that the era is very evident in the design of the sunglasses.

The Inverness features thick frames that were popular during the 1970s. however, the design is more paired down than it was during its original heyday.

Round and Oval Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban also offers some fun round and oval sunglasses. These are reminiscent of John Lennon’s style and are a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to rock a new style.

Ray-Ban Round Metal

Ray-Ban’s round metal sunglasses are pretty much just what you’d expect to see on John Lennon. These glasses were donned by many revolutionary counter-culture icons back in the 1960s.

Ray-Ban Oval Legend

If you’re a bigger fan of the 70s than you are the 60s, you might enjoy the Ray-Ban Oval Legends. These sunglasses have a carefree feel and had just a hint of retro vibes to them without being too hippie.

Ray-Ban Fleck

The Fleck sunglasses are a contemporary twist on your classic round sunglasses. These have optically textured rims as well as matte finishes on their temples. The mixture of metal and acetate is a great fashion statement for those who can’t choose whether they want metal or tortoiseshell rims.

Ray-Ban Pilot Sunglasses

Ray-Ban’s pilot sunglasses are another great choice for anyone looking for a pair of sunglasses. Here are a couple of pilot styles to look into. 

Ray-Ban Marshall

Ray-Ban’s round frames aren’t the best look for everyone out there, but the Marshall is a great choice for just about anyone. These frames have a stronger shape than aviators do and feature unique, hexagonal lenses. 

Ray-Ban Cockpit

Aviator sunglasses can cover a bit too much of the face, especially if you have a smaller physique. However, the Cockpit sunglasses can be a great alternative. 

These sunglasses have an aviator silhouette but feature smaller lenses. That makes them more flattering across the board.

Geometric Styles

Ray-Ban’s geometric styles are great for those who want something truly unique. Here are a couple of geometric styles to look into.

Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Lenses

If you’re not sure if you want a totally square or round frame, Ray-Ban’s hexagonal flat lenses are a mix of the two. They have a subtly refreshing look that’s also ultra-trendy.

Ray-Ban Jack

The Jack style is similar to the Hexagonal Flat Lenses in that they blend round and hexagonal frames. However, these glasses have soft curves at the bottom and stronger lines at the top. 

Ray-Ban Blaze Hexagonal

Another pair in the Blaze Collection is the Blaze Hexagonal. This one is a twist on one of the most recognizable shapes in the brand, although it uses mirrored shield lenses.

Purchase the Perfect Ray-Bans Today

Regardless of which Ray-Ban sunglasses you choose to buy, you’re sure to find a flattering pair. These timeless sunglasses pair well with any outfit and make you look especially stylish. 

So, are you ready to purchase a pair of Ray-Bans that you love? Get in touch with EZ Opticals and we’ll hook you up with a new pair of Ray-Bans!