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The Best Sunglasses Brands for Prescription Sunglasses

Are your sunglasses summer ready? 75% of adults need corrective lenses, and over 85% of adults report wearing sunglasses. They are a popular and necessary accessory. 

Would you like to wear something more fashionable and comfortable prescription sunglasses? Which brand of sunglasses fits your lifestyle best? Our office offers a large selection to fit your comfort level and style.

The beach, the park, concerts, and festivals galore are some of the hotspots awaiting you for summer fun across the Greater Houston and Sugar Land areas. Be safe and on-trend, with your new glasses. 

If you are a part of the small 15% who don’t own a pair yet, or if you are looking for an update, read along to determine which sunglasses brands are right for you.

What to Look For in Your Sunglasses Brands

Sunglasses trends for 2022 include oversized, gradient, pastel, statement, and white frames. 

You can break the routine of the conservative weekday glasses that you wear to work. Purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses that reflect your personality, and keep up with the activities you have planned for after-work hours, as well as summer activities. 

Choosing a pair of prescription sunglasses can be more difficult because of the variety of brands and styles. How do you choose your new pair, and what should you look for in them?


Seek Comfort and Protection

The main purpose of sunglasses is to shield your eyes from irreversible sun damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

Your next pair of prescription sunglasses should offer 99 to 100 percent protection. Be sure to read the labels when browsing. Although most modern sunglasses offer UV protection, there are still some brands that offer complete protection.

Also, keep in mind, that the shade of the tint does not affect the amount of UV protection you receive.

Texas-Sized Frames

Larger frames offer more room for protection for your eyes. Opposite to last year’s skinny frame trend, larger frames were common during fashion week.

Not only are they more comfortable on your face, but they also offer more protection. 

Consider larger frames, especially if you already suffer from an eye disease. 

Which Brand is the Best for Prescription Sunglasses?

Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s line of prescription glasses is one of the many renowned brands that offer 100% UV protection for all of their lenses. These frames are made with highly-durable materials such as metal and acetate. 

Not only are these sunglasses trendy and stylish, but they’re also made to last. Tom Ford specializes in both men’s and women’s glasses, and apart from their broad variety of frames, they also offer many tints.

Tom Ford is a great option for everyday use, regardless of activity level or style preference.


If you are looking for self-expression, timelessness, and dedication to prescription sunglasses users, Ray-Ban is the iconic brand that may be right for you. 

Ray-Ban has a dedicated prescription sunglasses section for their customers, which includes many of their popular models including the timeless aviator. A drawback of many other popular brands is the lack of variety in prescription sunglasses, which is what sets Ray-Ban apart.

If the lack of variety of prescription sunglasses is holding you back from making a purchase, Ray-Ban has an impressive selection for all.


Costa is a well-known brand due to the durability of its lenses. They offer top-of-the-line polarization. 

Most fishers prefer this brand, as the coating on the lenses is very scratch resistant, especially when it comes to saltwater.


Gucci offers the latest styles of sunglasses for the season. Along with their wide range of styles, they also offer different materials.

The entire collection of Gucci’s prescription sunglasses offers 100% UV protection. This allows you to browse through their selection, keeping only style and comfort in mind. 

Several of their pieces are hypoallergenic. If you are conscious about the environment, there are plant-based choices as well.

Emporio Armani

Luxury, quality, variety, and being affordable. This is what you receive with a pair of prescription sunglasses from Emporio Armani.

These sunglasses are a staple of men’s fashion, because of their variety and look. With their Italian-inspired look, they complete a clean-cut outfit.


Coach tends to stay more towards the conservative side while helping the environment. Although they don’t offer a very large selection, the pieces that do form a part of their collection are made with attention to detail.

All of Coach’s prescription glasses frames are environmentally sourced, and also made to last. Coach frames are made through a cold-pressing technique, which provides the wearer with a durable piece. 

Gentle Monster

While this brand doesn’t have the longevity and staple name of the other brands, it is increasing in popularity, for its style and versatility. 

The brand aims to be innovative, and this is showcased in their latest 2022 collection.


If you are planning to engage in any sports like fishing or hiking, or if you are working outdoors, this brand may be of your liking. 

Oakley offers a wide selection of prescription sunglasses frames, and as a bonus, their sunglasses include high-definition optics. This offers a clear and sharp vision. Blurry vision is a common drawback associated with low-quality polarity in sunglasses.


Ready to Choose?

Wearing glasses doesn’t have to feel like a disadvantage. After all, they allow you to show off your personality while keeping you healthy. During the summer months, especially in Houston, prescription sunglasses are a necessity. Put away the glasses.

If you need help with selecting your first pair, and would like to update your frames for the new season, we carry many sunglasses brands for your individual needs. Continuing to keep an eye on the future, contact us to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.