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The Importance of Annual Eye Exams For Children

Have you noticed your child struggling to see things? Don’t worry if your kid has eyesight issues since over 20 percent of kids between the ages of six and 11 need glasses. Even if your child doesn’t have eye problems now, you should understand that they can develop with time. Due to this, we think you should have your child get annual eye exams to help your child get the eye care he or she needs.

How Annual Eye Exams Work

When you take your child to the eye doctor, he or she will go through a comprehensive eye exam. This will involve the doctor looking at your child’s eyes with a machine while also performing different tests.

For example, your child will need to look at images and read the letters on the screen. The doctor will also go through similar tests and have the child mention if the images look clear or blurry. Once your child goes through this, the doctor can identify glasses to help your child have better vision.

If your child doesn’t need glasses, you should return in a year since eyes can weaken and change with time.

Why Your Child Should Get a Yearly Eye Exam

Since seeing stands out as one of the most important parts of understanding information, you need to put emphasis on eye health for kids.

By taking your child to the eye doctor, you can make sure he or she can see objects from far away. Even if your child can see well now, you never know when his or her eyesight may weaken.

On top of that, eye doctor visits and prescriptions last a year. This means if your child gets glasses and they break, you can get the same prescription the eye doctor gave him or her. On top of that, your child may need stronger prescriptions with time, making it important for him or her to see the eye doctor regularly.

The Benefits of Annual Eye Exams for Children

Now that you understand what these exams involve and why your child should get one each year, we want to talk about the benefits. By doing so, you can send your child back to school and make sure he or she can see during the lessons.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at four of the benefits of annual eye exams.

Help Your Child Learn

This may seem like it doesn’t relate to the subject, but sight plays a major role in your child’s ability to learn at school. This is because 80 percent of what your child learns will be through visual learning.

Due to the way schools work, your child needs to see the board, his or her papers, and anything else in the classroom. For example, some kids can’t see close distances, so they can’t effectively take tests or complete assignments. If your child struggles to see, he or she will spend more time trying to read the assignment rather than learning from it.

By taking your child to the eye doctor every year, you can ensure he or she can properly see to stay on top of schoolwork.

Make Sure Your Child Can See During Class

Keep in mind seeing goes beyond assignments: your child also needs to see the room and far distances.

For example, your child may get an assigned seat in the back of the classroom. If this happens and your child can’t see far distances, he or she may struggle to see the projector or chalkboard. This could make it hard for your child to understand what the teacher writes on the board, which can lead to challenges in the learning process.

On top of that, if the teacher asks your child to read from the board, he or she may struggle to read it, making him or her feel bad. With these points in mind, you can save your child from plenty of struggles if you take him or her to the eye doctor.

Keep Your Child Safe

As your child goes to school, he or she may play some sports and go outside during recess. Some of these activities will require your child to see farther distances, so if he or she can’t see, that could lead to problems.

For example, if your child plays dodgeball and can’t see the balls that well, he or she could get hit. On top of that, your child needs to navigate the school and avoid tripping. Also, if your child needs glasses, they could help him or her see dangerous things from a distance.

In short, your child can avoid tripping and getting hurt while at school if you ensure he or she goes to the eye doctor.

Stay Informed About Your Child

When you take your child to the eye doctor, you can stay up-to-date with his or her health.

The eye doctor gives you the perfect opportunity to find out if your child struggles with school due to eyesight problems. For example, if one year your child’s grades start to drop and you take him or her to the eye doctor, you could discover some sight problems.

As a parent, you want to do your best to care for your child, so going to the eye doctor will help you do so. That way, if your child doesn’t let you know he or she has issues with seeing, you can find out directly from the doctor. Doing so will help you make sure your child doesn’t get set back by poor eyesight or vision problems.

Take Your Child Sometime This Year

Eyesight stands out as a valuable sense, so you need to care for your child and maintain his or her eyesight.

As you look into annual eye exams, you will find a doctor who can make sure your child gets glasses as needed. Take care of your child, so he or she can enjoy the benefits listed above. If you want to find a reliable eye doctor, you can schedule an appointment with us.