The Serious Advantages of Screwless Eyewear and IC Berlin Sunglasses

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Sunglasses an excellent accessory, and they make you look stylish. However, their use is not only for looking good because they can protect you from UV rays. What better glasses to fill this role but IC Berlin glasses and their screwless frames?

Traditional hinges are without a doubt good because they’re compact and help you save space. With continuous use, you will notice that the screws start to loosen. This is why screwless glasses are better because you never have to worry about loose screws.

When buying your eyewear, you need first to know the product’s differences. Know the pros and cons to enhance your experience when buying glasses.

These are the advantages of screwless eyewear that you need to know. Read what we have below and learn more.

1. Silk Hinges for Comfortable Frames

The metal used IC Berlin Sunglasses is sure to provide you comfort. These glasses, made from stainless steel and sometimes titanium, guarantee resilience. If you’re looking for a pair of glasses to last you years, look into IC Berlin Sunglasses.

The material used is hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t trigger your allergies. You can choose the desired materials used for your glasses for maximum comfort. This way, your comfort is a priority while you stay worry-free from allergies.

Do you need help to find the best choice of eyewear for you? Here are some brands that we work with. Visiting one of our branches and find out what you need, from the brand up to the finest eyewear that’s perfect for you.

2. Easy to Maintain and Repair

Because IC Berlin uses hinges instead of screws, it’s easy to maintain and repair your glasses. We aren’t joking about the easy part because you can even do it yourself. With an eyeglass repair kit and YouTube repair guides, you can address damages at any time.

The standard hinges of the IC Berlin eyewear do not have complicated parts. This allows you to access extra parts from your local pharmacy or optician at any time. You don’t have to worry about ordering specialized parts online.

As long as the glasses are not damaged, the rest is easy to take care of.

Despite how we describe how easy it is to repair, it may not be as easy to address adjustments. It’s best to visit your optician if you need to adjust your glasses. You can rest assured that your glasses fit well on your head without any hassle.

3. Less Time to Make Adjustments

A type of hinge used for making screwless eyewear is the spring hinges. You don’t have to worry about the glasses falling off your face with this hinge type. It gives you that hugging feeling, ensuring that your glasses won’t fall off and easy to adjust.

Spring hinges still provide comfort while giving more movement. Traditional hinges often have a 90-degree limit. This way, you can do more while wearing your glasses and withstand everyday use.

If you spend most of your time moving around, the spring hinges are perfect for you. Thanks to its snug fit, you can use this while running without the worry of it falling off. The spring hinges make it possible for you to do a wide range of movement.

4. Sharp and Sleek Design

Most people who wear glasses will prefer eyewear to make them stand out. The newest type of frame uses hingeless frames, made to fit you. With this high-tech design, you will stand out while you look good.

Without a doubt, the other type of hinges used in other frames already makes you look good. However, the hingeless frame is an innovation that does more for you. Its focus is not only to make you look good but to give it a snug fit while you look good.

Hingeless frames use the design of the previous hinges. Even though it doesn’t have barrels, screws, and hinges. These innovative 3D-printed eyeglasses maintain the quality of the product while retaining function.

5. Durable and Lightweight

One of the common problems of owning any type of eyewear is the loosening of the screws. That makes it hard to repair, and wearing them needs some form of support. When your glasses are in this condition, you’re likely to need a replacement.

The durability of IC Berlin eyewear is one of a kind, so you don’t have to worry about loose screws. Innovations made in the frames ensures it stays durable and will last a long time. It’s also light to wear and still maintains the hug on your head.

You’re more likely to buy extra glasses because of the benefits of IC Berlin Sunglasses. You can say goodbye to extensive repairs and loose screws.

6. Excellent Craftmanship

The quality of the material used will define the quality of the product. Therefore, the quality of steel used in the eyewear is important. IC Berlin got the materials from German producers and manufacturers.

You can rest assured that IC Berlin only uses premium material for your eyewear needs.

IC Berlin has specified that a master craftsman only makes pieces for the eyewear. The eyewear’s front pieces come from a specific family business in Italy. The cotton used for acetate treatment is from the highest organic cloth quality.

The intricate requirements for the materials used and for production. This guarantees that the eyewear you receive does not suffer from fatigue and are of top quality.

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Traditional hinges and screws in prescription glasses and sunglasses are susceptible to damage. Spare yourself from the trouble of repairs and hard-to-maintain eyewear. Experience the difference and upgrade your eyewear to IC Berlin Sunglasses today!

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