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6 Benefits of Wearing Prescription Sunglasses In the Summer

Did you know that around 90% of skin cancers are related to exposure to the sun? Luckily people are becoming more aware that they should use sunscreen and cover-ups. But do you know the benefits the right eyewear can bring?

Your glasses are just as important as any other item for sun protection. Read on as we discuss why you should be wearing prescription sunglasses. 

UV Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rays have a damaging impact on the whole body. However, it is easy to cover up and apply sunscreen to other areas. Those options do not exist with your eyes.

On the body, UV rays can cause skin cancer, and in the eyes, they can lead to macular degeneration and cancer of the eyelids. Macular degeneration is when the macula, a vital part of the retina, begins to thin. This results in blurred or reduced vision for the sufferer. 

Othe problems cause by UV light in the eyes can be pterygium, a white tissue that grows over the eye and retina. Many people do also not realize that you can get pingueculae, sunburn of the eye itself. 

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and fragile. This is to allow movement and protection for the eye itself. For this reason, many people choose to wear glasses with extremely large lenses to cover as much area as possible. 

Increased Vision

When a beautiful, sunkissed day arrives, you want to enjoy the vista. If you are on white sand or water that reflects the sun, sometimes this can be impossible. That is why you need prescription sunglasses. 

You can choose the lens tint you want. From colored lenses to darker or lighter tints, a range of options is available. In addition, the prescription can aid anyone who is farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism. This means that even as you are enjoying yourself, your eyes are constantly being corrected. 

You also gain the ability to banish glare when wearing prescription shade. Glare happens when reflections from surfaces, such as glass, water, and sand, bounce up into the eyes. This can cause problems at a time when you most need your vision, such as when you are out driving or playing sport. 

Polarized lenses will reduce glare exponentially. This means you can see clearly in all situations. 

They Decrease Signs of Aging

We have all been to the beach and seen the couple that looks much older than they actually are, with overly tanned, leather-like skin. This aging is because the rays from the sun are not only harmful, but they increase the effects of aging itself. Exposure to the sun can bring on wrinkles and sunspots.

One way to prevent this is by using sunscreen. However, around the eyes, sunscreen can become an irritant. This can be very painful and impair your vision. 

Sunglasses protect that tender area around your eyes. Thus, you don’t need to apply sunscreen there as it will be covered by the lens. It could also save you a lot of money later down the line in expensive anti-aging treatments. 

Range of Options

The best prescription sunglasses don’t just come in one style or frame. In fact, they come with all the designs other glasses do as well. In addition, you also have a number of lens options. 

If you are often active or do sports, then polycarbonate lenses may be a good choice. They are impact-resistant. If they fall off your face or take a knock during activities, they won’t shatter. 

Scratch-resistant lenses also prevent any marks, useful if you drop your spectacles a lot. You may also choose to add polarized lenses to reduce the glare from the sun and keep clear vision. 

Finally, photochromatic lenses can lighten and darken depending upon the level of sunlight you are in. If the sun goes down at night, they lighten and turn to normal spectacles. If you are in direct sunlight, they darken and offer UV protection for your eyes. 

They Block Blue Light

It is not just on the beach that you can reap the benefits of prescription sunglasses. Presuming you don’t have the whole summer off, then you will have to do work at some point. That may involve staring at a computer screen, or checking your phone and emails. 

Blue light occurs naturally in the spectrum, but it is also used heavily in screens. Whenever you open a laptop or play a videogame, then you are being exposed to a lot of blue light. As you guessed, it is not good for you. 

It contributes to a number of eye issues and macular degeneration. Wearing prescription sunglasses can block this light out and reduce your risk of developing these issues. 

Protection From Debris and Allergens

If you have allergies, then you will know that spring and summer are always the worst. However, many people underestimate the importance of prescription sunglasses when it comes to keeping them out. Pollen and dust are just a likely to irritate you here as they are when you breathe them in through the nose. 

As you also spend a lot of time outdoors in summer, sunglasses can act as a shield for any other type of projectile. You may encounter dirt, small stones, and splinters while gardening or doing exercise. If you drive an open vehicle such as a convertible car or motorcycle, then this extra layer of protection can prove invaluable. 

Buying and Wearing Prescription Sunglasses

Now you know the benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses, find a quality optician. They should have a range to choose from and offer you a selection of lenses. That way, you can be ready for anything summer has to throw at you. 

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