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The Importance Back to School Eye Exams, Explained

School is fast approaching and you need to make sure your child doesn’t fall behind. New binders and paper shouldn’t be the only things on your back to school to-do list. 

Back to school eyes exams are the best way to make sure your child succeeds in school and in life. 

Keep reading to find out the importance of back to school eye exams. We’ll provide all the insight you need to understand why you need to make sure to get eye exams before school. 

Your Child’s Eyes Are Always Changing

Does your child already have glasses? Have they never had glasses? They still need an exam because their eyes are still changing. 

Even if your child has not shown a need for glasses in the past they may need them now. The summer break is enough time for a child’s eyes to change.

Eye exams for children allow your child to get glasses before they find out they need them at school. If your child has already begun to wear glasses, it’s possible their prescription is in need of an update. Their vision may have gotten worse over the break or could have improved. 

Skipping one eye exam could cause your child problems in the classroom and in daily life. Their eyes are changing and their prescription needs to be changing with it.

Consistent kid eye exams will help you identify your child’s visual needs. You’ll be able to get them the help that they need before they enter the classroom.

Assure Class Performance 

If your child gets into the classroom without an eye exam their education could suffer. 

Children who are unable to see the board will have a hard time in school. They will not be able to follow their teacher’s instructions. They will also fall behind their peers. 

Children learning their letters will have an even harder time. A visual impairment will prevent them from being able to copy the correct letters from the board.

Farsighted children will not be able to read as well as their classmates. They risk falling behind in reading comprehension. 

Children who need glasses but don’t have them can strain their eyes. Straining their eyes can lead to even more problems with their eyesight. 

Take your child to get an eye exam at school before school opens its doors. This will prevent them from falling behind. You’ll be able to take the steps you need to make sure your child succeeds in school. 

Detect Problems Early

Your child may be at risk for visual impairments that can impact their life. Lazy eye, astigmatism, and misalignment of the eyes could be affecting your child.

Regular eye exams will help you detect impairments before they return to school. You won’t only be able to help your child’s academic success. You’ll also be able to discuss the steps you’ll need to take for your child’s eye health with your eye doctor.

After detecting problems early, you and your eye doctor will be able to create the best plan. 

You’ll take your child in for scheduled check-ins. During these check-ins, you’ll track your child’s visual impairment. Your child will avoid having to deal with discovering this problem later in life.

Finding out about a visual impairment before returning to school benefits their education. Communicate with your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher will be ready for your child’s needs.

Find the Perfect Glasses Before Their First Day

If your child does need glasses, you need to find the best pair for them. Your child’s glasses should do more than help their vision. They should work well with their daily lifestyle. 

If your child is active and loves sports, look into sports glasses options. You’ll want to find a pair of glasses that is durable. There are many brands to explore that will not break or scratch. 

Even if your child will be getting a pair of regular glasses frames, you’ll want to make sure they fit their face well. You don’t want your child to lose their glasses or worry about them falling off their face. 

The best way to make sure your child’s glasses fit well is to have them try looking down. If the pair of glasses slip off their face, you’ll need to get them refitted. 

Check if their glasses are too tight on their face. You don’t want your child to feel uncomfortable wearing their glasses. Tight glasses can cause your child to get headaches. 

Find the best glasses for your child and let them be a part of the process of choosing their glasses. Getting the best frames before school starts will put you and your child at ease. Finding the right glasses will be the perfect start for a perfect school year. 

Get Glasses to Suit the New Way of Learning

With the technology revolution, devices are being used more in learning. Your child is looking at a screen to do their homework and to do work during school hours. 

When getting a before school eye exam, look at glasses options that will help them succeed. You’ll be able to ask about and look for blue light-blocking glasses. 

Blue light-blocking glasses will help your child’s eyes. They help protect against damage from screen time. Blue light-blocking glasses will combat eyestrain in a technology-focused world. 

Explore this option for your child to prepare them for their return to school. Discuss options with your eye doctor to learn more about blue light-blocking glasses. 

Back to School Eye Exams are a Must

Back to school eye exams will set your child up for an amazing school year. Schedule a back to school eye exam today to keep up to date with your child’s care.

Can’t wait to explore the benefits of eye exams for children? Check out our specials. We can help you check off the eye exams box on your back to school checklist. 

Make sure to stay after your child finishes their eye exam. Explore our brands to find their perfect glasses.