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7 Eyewear Trends You Can Expect to See in 2022

164 million adults in America wear glasses according to The Vision Council. While for many of those people, eyeglasses aren’t optional, choosing fashionable eyewear is.

Whether you like boxy frames or circular, thick or thin, there are eyeglass options for everyone. Even if you don’t require eyeglasses to correct your vision, sunglasses are an accessory everyone needs, so why not protect your eyes from those pesky UV rays in style?

Much like sneakers or any other fashion accessory, eyewear trends are always changing, so it’s important to stay informed about the latest and greatest trends.

Many designers want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your glasses, which is why they are constantly updating their styles to fit with current and future trends.

Get ahead of the game. Take a look at the 7 eyewear trends you’re sure to see eyeglass wearers rocking in 2022.

1. Retro

If you haven’t learned by now, never throw out your clothes or accessories because chances are, they’ll be back in style in a few years!

The same can be true for eyeglasses. A popular eyewear trend for 2022 will be 90s style glasses with classic thin, round frames. Talk about a timeless style.

The hexagonal shape is making a comeback as well. Growing in popularity among sunglass wearers, you’ll see eyeglass wearers rocking this unique shape in 2022.

If you prefer a funkier eyeglass era, then you may try a popular women’s eyewear trend- cat-eye frames. Made popular in the 50s, this shape is flattering for a variety of face shapes, making it favored by many eyewear enthusiasts.

2. A Pop of Color

You’ve seen them a lot in 2021, and you’ll continue to see them next year and beyond- the colored lenses. Whether your color of choice is red, yellow, or even a dark purple, these lenses are sure to turn heads.

Many popular brands like Burberry and Ray-Ban have jumped on this current trend in eyewear, offering a variety of colored sunglasses available in multiple frames.

You’ll want to showcase your colorful personality in 2022 with a pair of tinted glasses.

3. Black on Black

Wednesday Adams spoke to our hearts when she said “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color”. Like Wednesday, for many of us, there is no better color than the classic black.

Whether it’s men’s sunglasses trends or women’s sunglasses trends, 2022 eyewear will be sure to feature black lenses paired with simple black frames.

Growing in popularity are skinny, thickly framed black sunglasses. Made popular by many celebrities in 2018, this trend will continue well into next year.

The best part about black frames with black lenses? They go well with everything! You never have to worry that your favorite sunglasses will clash with your outfit of the day with this trend.

If you’re a prescription eyeglass wearer who loves black, there are plenty of options for you too. From thick frames to thin, you’re sure to find the perfect black pair of glasses

4. Minimalist

Tiny houses, tiny glasses, and beyond! minimalism is becoming more and more popular. If making a big statement with your eyewear isn’t your thing, then a minimalist style may be a good fit.

Showcase your minimalistic style in 2022 with thin, silver metal frames. Go boxy or stick with circular when it comes to shaping and you’re sure to exude a fashionable-without-even-trying vibe.

Want something with a more elegant look? Try minimalist frames with a gold finish for a vintage feel.

5. Rich Earth-Tones

While the traditional muted browns and ever-popular tortoiseshell design are an instant favorite among eyeglass wearers, you’ll want to get your hands on a color that is already trending for the 2022 Fall season- green.

A dark, Earthy green is going to be a hit, especially among men’s eyewear trends in the coming year. Or, mix it up and choose frames with a tortoiseshell effect with an earth-toned green mixed in.

If you’re looking to take your Earth-tones to the next level, another popular trend for 2022 is wood frames.

Whether you’re choosing wood frames for eyeglasses or sunglasses, the frames will make a statement, so you’ll want to pair them with clear, semi-transparent, or black lenses.

6. Chunky and Oversized

You’re sure to see a mixture of large and small frames trending. While smaller frames made a comeback in 2021, oversized frames aren’t going anywhere.

Whether you prefer square and boxy or circular and smooth, you’ll make a statement in your oversized frames. Choose a bold white color for your frames to take them to the next level.

Not sure if oversized frames are a good fit for your face shape? Take a look at this guide to help you decide.

7. Environmentally Friendly

More and more people are switching to eco-friendly ways to stay on-trend. Companies are making shoes from plastic bags and shirts from organic compounds. Over the years, companies continue to try and find ways to make fashion that’s kind to the Earth.

It may be time to start thinking about wearing eyeglasses that are Earth-conscious as well. Several companies make eyeglasses from recycled water bottles and other waste materials.

Luckily, you won’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. These companies keep up with current trends in eyewear so you can be fashionable while keeping your conscience clear.

Stay Chic With These 2022 Eyewear Trends

Wearing eyeglasses doesn’t have to be a drag. Use them to enhance your wardrobe and express your personality. Whether you like to stick to the basics or are looking for a way to make a statement with your glasses, these eyewear trends are a great place to start.

Begin shopping for your perfect pair now by finding a brand you love. Your next trending fashion accessory is only a click away.