7 Tips on Cleaning Eye Glasses for New Users

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You know how important your eye glasses are in your daily life. Without your glasses, you wouldn’t be able to see as clearly and function as properly. Because your eye glasses are so essential for completing regular daily tasks, the last thing you want to do is neglect them.

Cleaning eye glasses on a regular basis and taking good care of them is vital if you want your glasses to last you several years. When you know how to properly care for and clean glasses, you won’t have to worry about them failing you when you need them the most.

You’ve bought new glasses, but how can you keep them in great condition?

We all know how difficult it is to keep the lenses of eye glasses clean at all times. All it takes is a quick touch of your thumb on the lens while trying to push your glasses back up and BOOM! You now have a perfect smear mark on your glasses.

Don’t smudge the thumbprint around. Clean those glasses the right way by continuing to read below. Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning glasses lenses.

1. Wash Your Hands With Soap and Water

One of the common mistakes with cleaning glasses is forgetting to wash your hands. Before you stop to clean your glasses, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. This will remove any dirt, lotions, and oils from your fingers, which could transfer to your lenses.

The best soap to use when washing your hands before cleaning your glasses is dish soap. You don’t want to wash with a soap that contains lotion as this could leave grease on your glasses as you’re trying to clean them. Once your hands are washed and dried, you’ll then want to clean the frames.

2. Clean Frames With Soapy Water

You can clean the frames with warm soapy water as well. Using soapy water can help remove both dirt and bacteria from your frames. To help remove the grime with ease, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

When using the toothbrush to get in all the small cracks and hinges of your frames, be sure to avoid touching the lenses with the toothbrush. Once done cleaning the frames, you should take a microfiber cloth and dry them.

3. Clean the Lenses With Dishwashing Liquid

Now it’s time to clean the lenses. Use your mild dish soap with warm water to gently clean the lenses. You can wash the lenses using your clean fingers and warm soapy water.

Using your fingers to rub the mixture around the lenses will help remove any dirt, grease, or smudge marks on the lenses. Be sure not to use your fingernails when cleaning the lenses as they could scratch them. You don’t want to use any abrasive towels or cloths either since those can also cause scratch marks.

4. Use a Lens-Specific Cleaner

There’s a good chance you’ll need to clean your glasses when you don’t have access to warm soapy water. For this reason, it’s also a good idea to keep a lens-specific cleaner on you at all times. It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t want to use any type of cleaner on your lenses.

The lenses on your glasses have a coating on them that can easily be damaged by different cleaners with chemicals in them. That’s why it’s always best to only use your lens cleaner when on the go. To use the cleaner, you’ll spray both sides of the lenses with it and then wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth.

You should also be able to find lens wipes made specifically for cleaning eye glasses.

5. Take a Cotton Swab and Dish Soap to the Nose Pads

The nose pad on your eye glasses can get dirty quickly. Lots of sweat, oil, and dirt can build on the nose pads. Sometimes, wiping the nose pads down with warm soapy water isn’t enough to get them clean.

If this is the case for you, then you might need to take a cotton swab and dish soap to gently apply pressure to the nose pads while rubbing them clean. Remember not to let the cotton swab touch the lenses as it could scratch them.

6. Handle Your Glasses the Correct Way

It’s beneficial to know how to properly handle your glasses to prevent them from becoming scratched or dirty in the future. When you’re holding your glasses, you should hold them by the frames using both hands. If you need to set your glasses down, then make sure to place them on a flat surface upside down.

This will reduce the risk of top-heavy glasses falling over and the lenses becoming scratched.

7. Store Your Glasses the Proper Way

When you’re not wearing your glasses, you should always store them safely in their case. Storing them in their case will keep the glasses clean, safe, and dust-free. Be sure to pay close attention to where the case is as well.

You don’t want to expose your glasses to extreme heat. High temperatures can cause damage to your glasses such as peeling or warping.

Cleaning Eye Glasses Is Now Simple

Right when you thought cleaning eye glasses would be difficult, you now know it’s a simple process! Use all of the helpful tips listed in this guide above to ensure your glasses are kept clean all year long.

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