Expert Tips on How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

Portrait of young adults with eyeglasses

Just as we choose clothes that flatter our body shape, the right glasses for your face shape can help you carry off a look with style.

Do you have an oval face, heart face, or square shape? Are you not sure? Whatever your face shape, choosing a complementary style will help you make a spec-tacular investment. You will be proud to wear them for years to come.

Let’s take a deep dive into getting the best glasses for your face shape!

Discover Your Face Shape

If you’re wondering what your face shape is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are five broad types of faces – round, oval, heart, square, and triangular. The fact is, none of us fits perfectly into any of the categories.

But it is helpful to have a look at which one we broadly fit into. This will help you know how to choose glasses that accentuate our best features.

Round Face Shape – usually has a similar width and height. Rounder features and jawline.

Square Face Shape – usually has a straight hairline, forehead, and jaw the same width. The jawline is usually more angular.

Oval Face Shape – usually has a taller forehead and narrower face. The jawline is usually curved with no angles.

Heart Face Shape – usually has a wider forehead than jaw, often with a widow’s peak. Cheekbones are usually the same width as the forehead.

Triangular Face Shape – usually a longer face, with a strong, wide jawline.

The best glasses for your face shape create interest through contrast. They also provide balance to your face and draw the eye to your best feature – your eyes.

Glasses for a Round Face

Round faces are quite symmetrical. Naturally, you do not have a lot of angles going on, which gives you more options when it comes to frames. Frames can provide an angular point of interest on your face, breaking it up, and elongating the face.

For men and women, rectangular and square styles are your go-to. Don’t be afraid of bold, statement colors, chunky frames, and strong patterns. Your face shape can carry them off.

Rectangular frames can also help a round face look thinner and more angular. On the other hand, frameless and rounded styles will accentuate your curves and not provide that extra, angular dimension to your face.

Glasses for a Square Shape

People with square-shaped faces already have lots of angles going on. Adding more angles to such a face can give a harsh appearance. The best glasses for your face if you have a square face, help to round out the angular appearance.

Create extra interest with rounded or oval styles of glasses. Browline glasses are also a big hit for square faces. Their bold, vintage-style mimics the natural line of the brow, and are a very flattering choice.

Don’t be afraid of bold colors. Pair your rounded styles with a bright or striking dark block color and your face will really pop.

Glasses for an Oval Face

Oval faces are evenly proportioned. This feature means that they can rock both rounded and more rectangular styles.

Large rounded frames, especially for women, can create a fun look and maintain the natural curves and balance of the face. For both men and women, aviators are also a classic style that complements oval faces.

For women, cats-eye are a style of glasses that simply refuses to go out of fashion. Although they’re associated with a vintage, 60s look, they’re still as popular as ever. Accentuate your cheekbones with this classic look for oval faces.

Glasses for a Heart Shape

If you have a heart-shaped face, you have what is scientifically considered to be the most attractive face shape! If you’re adding glasses to that attractive face, make sure you accentuate your good looks with the right frames.

Your face has already got great proportions, so you’re neither looking to elongate or widen it. For this reason, rimless glasses can be a great choice. Floating between existence and non-existence, they are a light, minimalist choice.

Wayfarers are a great choice. Their soft, rectangular, and non-dominant shape provide balance to the face.

Depending on your skin tone and preferences, you can experiment with a range of colors and patterns. Don’t forget tortoiseshell. It’s a great look for heart-shaped faces that just refuses to go out of style.

Glasses for a Triangular Face Shape

Triangular face shapes feature a wide jaw. The face narrows towards the forehead. Naturally, the eye is drawn more towards the jaw.

While a strong jaw is a great feature, glasses for a triangular face shape tend to concentrate on drawing the eye back to the eyes. Frames that combine angles and curves can work well. This would include browline frames, with a strong top frame that draws the eye upwards.

Cats-eye frames are a great choice again for women for the same reason. But let’s throw in a curveball – rectangular frames also work.

It may seem like a clash of the angles, but actually, rectangular frames create a different set of angles and add a different focal point to the face. The result is harmony, rather than a clash.

Find the Perfect Glasses for Your Face Shape

When it comes to how to choose glasses, there’s more than just finding a style you like. A little research on your face shape will help you find the perfect glasses for your face shape. It will guide your search and help you to make a choice you won’t regret.

Whether you have a square, round, oval face, or something in between, at EZ Optical, we have the right frames for you. Our team is ready and waiting to help you choose the right frames for you.

Shop our wide range of brands and styles today to find your perfect fit.